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Ahmedabad Hospital

Maa MultiCare Hospital
Floor 4,Satyam PlazaOpp Dynasty Restaurant, Raspan, Dmart Rd, Nikol,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat -382350
Contact No : +91 98980 05861

Surat Hospital

Maa Multicare Hospital
Maa Wellness Center , Shop No 454/1 Avadh Viceroy, Sarthana, Jakatnaka,
Surat, Gujarat - 395006
Contact No: +91 98980 05861
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Popular Questions

Before applying for this position with your hospital, I took the time to read the job description carefully to make sure I could meet the demands of the role. I have lots of experience working with others to achieve the same project, task or goal, I can be relied upon to carry out my responsibilities to a high standard, and I will always follow the necessary rules, regulations, codes of conduct and the operational procedures that are laid down by the hospital. I also have a variety of skills and qualities that will help me contribute to the hospital team. These include flexibility and adaptability, a calm and patient demeanour, the ability to show empathy and understanding, and experience of remaining calm under pressure which will enable me to make effective decisions that are in the best interest of visitors, patients, and users of this hospital. Finally, I am ready to start work and I give you my assurance that I will learn the role quickly so I can start contributing to the team in a fast timeframe as possible.

Before applying for this job, I took the time to research the good work you do at the hospital and also what your plans are for the future. The vision of the hospital is to deliver kind, compassionate, and sustainable services for people within the community, and you also want to be recognized as a caring organization. This is important to me in my work too, and it will feel good to know everyone at the hospital is working towards the same objectives. Your values are also something that are attractive to me. You put patients first in all areas of your work, you respect everyone who visits the hospital and who works here, your desire is to continually learn and improve, and you aim to deliver consistent and sustainable excellence in all medical care and treatment. I feel this hospital will be somewhere I can work for a long period of time alongside like-minded professionals who are all achieving the same objective.

I’ve heard great things from my friends who work here and I am really impressed with your technology advancements in the last few years. It seems to be an innovative environment with a great culture.

Our patients are at the centre of everything we do.